The Truth About ‘Treat’ or ‘Cheat’ Meals


What Should A ‘Treat’ or ‘Cheat’ Meal Actually Be?

Whatever the heck you want it to be?

For most, unfortunately that’s usually the case.

Now you may think it hypocritical for this post to follow my recent post on the ‘Eat your vegetables’, plain, monotonous, overly restrictive approach to dieting, but it’s not at all.

Let me explain…

The mountain of pancakes with syrup, nut butter and banana, plus a side of ice-cream, a pack of biscuits and copious cans of cola IS NOT a cheat meal. It’s gluttony. Self-abusive.

Why would you do that?

Fashionable, on trend, topical. Prominent fitness stars such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson are sharing pics of themselves devouring huge ‘cheat meals’.


You probably didn’t get up at 4am to spend 1 hour on a LISS session walking on a 30degree angle incline on a treadmill, followed by a 90mins weights session at 10am, and some high intensity Plyometrics at 3pm followed by more weights at 6pm.

Oh and you probably don’t weigh 120kg+ of raw muscle, fair?

So the portion is one element, but then there is the meal selection.

Change your perception…because your perceptions change YOU

There is nothing at all wrong with eating the odd pancake with some syrup, or a chocolate with a few biscuits, but I urge you to keep them to an absolute minimum.

The dopamine hit in your pre-frontal cortex of the brain will be so intense that it could easily knock you off your healthy eating course, and for what.

Instead, the athletes and fitness models out there (who aren’t doing it for social media) consider a nice spaghetti bolognaise with pasta and parmesan as a treat, or a pizza once every 2 weeks as a ‘cheat meal’.

They will leave it at that though. The best out there won’t routinely chow down Ben and Jerry’s washed down with a choc milkshake and Haribo.

Instead it is solid breakfast, nutrient dense snacks and a balanced lunch followed by an ‘earned reward’ meal of an evening such as a takeaway once every 3-4 weeks…

Not every week like many will have you believe.

Learn to truly enjoy the sweetness of fruit instead of sweets, the richness of avocado rather than ice-cream and the depth of flavour to a homemade butternut squash soup rather than a fatty takeaway curry.

Hey, enjoy those fatty curries occasionally, but don’t make the mistake of thinking these are a weekly thing.

If you do, your goals will suffer.


If you need guidance on what to eat and when, stop the guessing!

My MANtra Diet Reset continues to change men’s nutrition and health…for good! 

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