There is no doubt that Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves has a LOT of life lessons hidden within their simplistic yet poignant pages.

It turns out that this is particularly true when it comes to nutrition!

So far, we have covered Mr Greedy and Mr Lazy, all of which had a very real nutrition message within them.

Today we look at Mr Grumpy in all his glory…I’ll start with a caption from the book (seriously, this is directly from the book, you couldn’t write it, oh wait…).

“Hmph! Grunted Mr Grumpy, and picked up his sausages, and went next door.

To the CAKE shop.

CRASH! Went the door of the shop.

Give me a cake, snapped Mr Grumpy, and hurry up!

Poor Mrs Fairy, who sold cakes, was frightened of Mr Grumpy, so did as she was told.”

Not nice is he, and I think I have solved the problem behind it…


Rule No.1. Never shop on an empty stomach…

Big mistake isn’t it, shopping when you are hungry. I am pretty sure Mr Grumpy has run out of food, gone to the shop to replenish his stocks and is suffering from the phenomenon that is…HANger!

HANger = Anger caused by Hunger.

Shopping when you are hungry is a recipe for disaster for 2 main reasons:

1.) You end up spending a fortune on food and sugar laden rubbish because your blood sugar levels are low and your brain is telling you ‘I am starving, I’m certainly going to die and I need sugar NOW!’

Overreaction of the century…but it’s all our own fault you know.

2.) The whole way around the supermarket you are edgy, squabbling with your partner, cursing people in your way and just wanting to get the heck out of there ASAP.

Look, us men suffer more from HANger more than women on the whole, that’s a fact.

No really, it ACTUALLY is a fact and I’ll prove it in tomorrow’s Daily MANtra if you care to gain your ‘get out of jail free card’ when you get a little snappy when hungry.

Yes? I’ll speak with you same time tomorrow then…

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