Well, not entirely it seems…

Definition: HANGRY or HANGER

When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.

Sounds all too familiar right guys? Some hide it better than others, women definitely hide it better than us blokes…

But there is a reason!

So what makes us Men so darn grumpy when we get hungry?

Well, it has to do with a few hormones, specifically insulin and ghrelin.

As the blood sugar and insulin drops the body releases the hormone ghrelin which then travels to the brain to tell it that sustenance/food is required.

The brain THEN releases another hormone, neuropeptide Y which leads to an increase in appetite!

Evolution has a lot to answer for…

Men are programmed to get pretty uppity if food is scarce i.e. when we don’t eat for a while…our brain doesn’t know there is a supermarket within 5mins of anyone, anywhere in urban Britain.

Take a Cave man as an example, if a man from the Neolithic era was to sit back and let another person eat their food they would die, simple as that, so us blokes are programmed to be more aggressive when in need of nourishment.

It is literally a defence mechanism guys!

Plus, and here’s the real science stuff for you…Normal levels of circulating red blood cells are higher in men than in women.

So What?

This may have nutritional implications says the late Paul Flakoll, a leading researcher in blood biochemistry.

He said, men do not tolerate low levels of plasma glucose (low blood sugar) as well as women. Women function a lot better in a fasted or partially fasted state than men do.

This is of course subjective, but there does appear to be evidence there to come to our defence gents (should we need it)!

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