So the message in this email is following on from yesterday’s Daily MANtra on why 25 is the magic number…sort of.

Now 25 was referring to the number of grams of protein required to stimulate optimal muscle protein synthesis i.e. muscle growth. In other words, consuming MORE than 25g protein per meal is kind of pointless as it doesn’t increase your muscles ability to grow any more than 25g protein would.

That was pretty well substantiated and backed up via journal publications such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and many more.

HOWEVER, and this is where messages get mixed and mistranslated in the world of nutrition and supplementation…

You see, although it may be true that muscle growth (muscle protein synthesis) is unlikely to increase the more protein you consume at each meal…

This DOES NOT mean that people, particularly athletes, should only consume 25g protein per meal!

And THAT is exactly what many ‘Nutritionists’ out there are telling them to do. Oh dear.

Here’s why this is wrong…

Put simply, we calculate our total protein requirements based on our estimated calorie requirements. Consider then that some athletes require more than 4000kcal a day to sustain training and exercise load, do you think 25g of protein at each meal, say 6 meals a day would suffice OR make for a health macro split (protein : carbs : fat)?

Well let’s look at it…

6 meals a day consuming 25g protein per meal (which isn’t easy in itself) will mean you consume 125g protein per day.

Put this total into a 4000kcal diet and factor as a % of total calorie contribution, you will see that this is 13% of your calorie requirements.

So where are all of the other calories coming from over the day?

CARBOHYDRATE and FAT, 43.5% from each respectively in fact…

Does this fit an athlete’s requirements? Would it fulfil a strength and power athlete’s muscle mass and recovery? Unlikely!

So what’s the answer?

Find out your daily calorie requirements, identify the optimal macro split for protein, carbs and fat, and THIS will give you your average daily protein requirements.

In this case, is it ok to consume more than 25g protein per serving?

You bet it is!

In health and integrity



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