Protein Supplements are widely used from youngsters trying to gain size and mass, to elderly hoping to stunt the age related decline in lean muscle mass. Then you have all those people in between…

The range of application and widespread benefit of the humble protein supplement make them a very useful tool for everybody. Yes they can facilitate the growth of muscle mass for bodybuilders, yes athletes use them to help them recover from a hard training session, and yes ‘hardgainers’ can use them to increase their rate of weight gain (in the form of muscle).

Health, Wellbeing & Weight loss

All of the ‘muscle building’ benefits can deter people from utilising the protein supplement. If that sounds like you then don’t let it, because if you are following a balanced diet and trying to get into a modest calorie deficit then often (not always) you may be deficient in total protein. That is a problem for energy, recovery and your ability to burn fat.

The sensible use of a protein shake to ‘supplement’ or ‘add to’ a healthy balanced diet (such as that on my MANtra Diet Reset) can have a profound impact on immune response (the amino acid glutamine is the main energy source of white blood cells), energy and health. Get a good quality protein concentrate or isolate and your overall nutrition status will be given a boost.

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