Are you trying tirelessly trying to induce weight loss? Hitting wall after wall, pot hole after pot hole despite the end destination being firmly in mind.

They say if you ca conceive then you can achieve it right? So why when you are relentlessly giving your energy and sweat to your cause is Joe Bloggs living the vision you have for your physique by lifting heavy things up and putting them back down again?

Body composition

More muscle, more testosterone and more growth hormone to name a few potential reasons. You see there are a myriad of potential reasons for Mr Blogg’s ability to deposit slabs of meat all over his body, and I simply don’t know what that could be.

If I don’t know what they could be then there’s a chance you won’t know what they could be either, but that’s absolutely fine. Let’s look at what we DO know…

Muscle is very metabolically active meaning it requires a lot of energy to maintain, use and grow. So basically, the more muscle you have the greater your ability to burn fat.

So Jeff, who is relatively new to the gym and carrying off the ‘skinny fat’ look, you know, that frustrating and somewhat ironic layer of fat around your mid-section despite the fact the rest of you is rather skinny. Well Jeff may want to lose this layer of fat just by lifting weights, but fact is HIS layer of fat is going to take a little longer to shift.

Jeff needs to persist with lifting weights to deposit lean mass in the form of muscle, once he does this the muscle will increase Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), and that’s good because it means you burn more calories over the course of a day, and you are able to demand more calories be channelled to deliver energy and nutrients to the muscle for recovery. This can induce weight loss.

Now there is no reason why Jeff can’t lose a bit of fat during the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12+ weeks he is exercising and lifting weights, but in order for him to truly get his body into the single digit body fat percent’s without simply qualifying as ‘skinny’ (and I use this term in a non-derogatory sense of course)…he’s going to need to synthesise some muscle protein!

So yes, people do burn fat at varying rates, and yes it does frustrate the hell out of people, especially when you catch them guzzling down a monster plate of food in the restaurant after (stop stalking them Jeff).

Fact remains that everybody is different, and consequently every body responds differently to a given stimulus. Frustrating and yet, if you channel it properly, motivating in equal measure.

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