With zero doubt in my mind, the single most difficult thing about healthy eating…is that it’s EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Yes you could try fasting for a bit and taking the thought process out of it, but sooner or later you have to break it, and then what? It’s relentless isn’t it.

How does one stay 100% disciplined 100% of the time? Well the simple answer is one doesn’t. Basically. But what one can do is have a plan that enables them not to deviate too much too often.

First off get the crap out of the house. You’ve heard it many times before, but if you don’t buy it in then you don’t eat it! Perhaps it’s not even you that gets it in, maybe it’s your partner…no excuses, discuss your concerns with them, share your goal and desire and most will want to support you with that. If not, then there are other discussions to be had perhaps (Jeremy Kyle is taking applications now).

OK I joke, but the message is a serious one. It is non-stop, you need to have a plan and a strategy, better still have a system in place because as the acronym suggests, you can Save Your Self Time Energy and Money if you spend some time planning your weeks eating and drinking.

You have to plan nutrition, HEALTHY eating and drinking isn’t something that just happens, unhealthy eating IS something that just ‘happens’, and that’s the problem right there!

Let’s take exercise as an example…

Most of us can nail this side of things to some degree because ‘exercise’ can be achieved through ‘physical activity’ of any kind…you can use your imagination or, heck you can do it when you’re not even thinking about it, going to make a cuppa, walking to the printer, taking the stairs on the way to the 3rd floor to drop a document off…you get the picture.

Try following this ‘subconscious’ approach to eating properly, without really thinking about it. Before you know it you are dipping into the sweet drawer (which will soon become the nuts and fruit drawer obviously…won’t it) and dipping into the cookie jar when waiting for the kettle to boil.

We have a diary for a reason, it helps us to plan and to chunk our day up into parts, it’s just easier to manage that way. Same goes for nutrition. You book your meetings in, you write a reminder to take your meter readings (yep, writing this has just reminded me…don’t let them estimate, bloody rip off), so why don’t you do this for THE most important and all-encompassing part of your day? Nothing should be more important than nutrition, because nutrition is key to our productivity, our mood, our energy and our HEALTH.

Jobs are important, yes, but tell me, what’s wealth in the absence of health!

Look I get it, nutrition planning and strategizing is HARD WORK…but it doesn’t have to be if you have a coach, mentor and expert to guide you. If this is something you need then my MANtra Diet Reset is ready and waiting for you.

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