Facts are this, we live in a world of excess and entitlement. As a species we live far too loosely which in turn causes excessive purchasing habits, surplus to requirement and waste.

Global Issue

Food waste is a global problem, we produce 17% more food than we did 30 years ago and yet at least 50% of it never even gets eaten. Digest that one for a moment.

Despite this alarming fact the World Health Organisation note that 1 billion people lack the necessary food to survive. Chew on the painful irony of that one also.

According to the USDA, (2016) the United States food production uses 50% of the countries land, 30% of all energy resources, and uses 80% of all their freshwater supply (USDA, 2016).

Of course the latter is down to overpopulation, that’s another problem in its own right, but goodness me is our food production and management system a bit of a mess.

Supply and demand, we have to give the consumer what they want, right? Wrong. We have to give the consumer what they NEED, not what they want. Even then, no one is actually owed anything, everything we have is one big favour provided by careful planning and community, but I digress.

Back to the point…

Animals are incredibly inefficient at producing food!

Yes this one plays straight into the hands of the vegans out there, but that’s credit to them for their foresight and strength of mind.

We know that year on year food is wasted due to poor handling procedures and standards. We are aware that insufficient storage and contamination means perfectly good food is thrown into landfill.

Furthermore, literally tonnes of absolutely edible and nourishing foodstuffs are fed to animals to produce meat, eggs and cheese, meanwhile the majority of the food fed to the animals ends up wasted anyway, literally in the form of manure!

Then once the food is slaughtered/harvested, prepared and whatever else, we end up losing substantial amounts through spoilage, confusion around ‘Best Before’ ‘Use By’, ‘Sell By Dates’, and even something as petty and unnecessary as appearance!

I mean come on!

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