OK, let me be clear from the outset. We can’t pick and choose where we store our fat, if only hey, I’d store mine in a little box that I can put far away from my organs!

Joking aside, factors such as genes, hormones, age and even birth weight can come into it. Yep, according to Harvard Medical School, smaller babies are more likely to store fat around their mid-sections as they age. And those females in our lives also have a greater risk of storing visceral fat post child birth compared to those who haven’t had a baby.

So what can we do?

Despite not being able to control genes (not too much anyway – epigenetics is case in point), age and birth weight, there are still ways to target that dangerous fat around your mid-section. So here goes…

Get active

Thankfully, visceral fat is easier to metabolise into fatty acids than subcutaneous fat around your hips, back and backside. This means exercise probably has a great impact on losing visceral fat than fat in other areas of the body!

Some find it easier to exercise than others, but a 4 year study at Louisiana State University found even 30mins of brisk walking or steady state cycling contributed to reduced visceral fat…so no excuses guys! Weight lifting also has a similar effect as both cardio and resistance work tax energy systems adequately.

Don’t smoke

No explanation needed here really.

8 hours sleep

A 5 year study in the journal Sleep published in 2010 found compelling evidence (all be it in a minority group of African American and Hispanic individuals) that suggests 5 hours sleep or less resulted in significantly more visceral fat stores. There seems to be a happy medium as more than 8 hours saw elevated visceral fat also. 6-8 hours of sleep could well be the magic number then for the average person.

Get the diet right!

Oh, did someone say diet? Let me help…AVOID man made crap please.

Trans-fats and food and drink high in refined sugar is THE place to start. The inflammatory nature of these compounds the issue too so steer clear, in addition though you need to get the overall balance of your diet right.

Frequency of eating and drinking, the types of food and drink and the relative quantity is critical. If you signed up to my FREE Daily MANtra email then refer to your Portion Distortion eBook… that was FREE too by the way, a thank you for subscribing to the email. If you haven’t already then go get on it.

Generally speaking though you need to be cutting the crap, but also getting heart health promoting foods such as beans, peas and pulses, plenty of fruit & veg (7-10 servings a day where possible) and monitoring intake of red meats, including some oily fish and much more.

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