I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Creatine is one of the most under-utilised supplements by athletes and the general public alike. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it isn’t used…it is, a LOT. However there is still those who hang on to the negative media it got in its early years. That was swiftly quashed and is now widely used and supported by science.

In fact, such is creatine’s popularity that it is now the most widely researched supplement in existence, more so than even protein…and the majority of the evidence is positive!

So should you ‘load it’?

Perhaps this is a little ‘cart before horse’ in the sense that you may not even know what creatine does orif you should even be taking it, never mind whether you should be loading it. However, this is a common question from those who do know so I have decided to address it right off the bat.

The answer…if you want to feel creatine’s benefits sooner rather than later, then YES…load up on it.

Doing so safely is key, obviously, and to ensure this you should go by bodyweight. I will give an example below:

If you weigh 90kg then consider starting at 0.1g creatine per kg bodyweight = 9g creatine powder

Now this is by no means a ‘loading phase’, so for a typical 90kg male who wishes to load with creatine, who also has no underlying renal condition (if there is a condition then avoid or consult GP), they might want to try the following:

0.2-0.3g creatine per kg bodyweight = 18-27g per day (based on info from International Society of Sports Nutrition or ISSN).

In my opinion, I think 27g may be a little high for most, so I would pitch for the middle ground…15-20g in the above example’s case.

In addition, we need to consider body composition e.g. a chap weighing 90kg consisting of mainly lean muscle mass may warrant the higher dose of creatine. Conversely a 90kg chap consisting of mainly fat mass may not require such high doses.

A recent study by the ISSN published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition corroborates the benefit of creatine loading and general creatine application to sport, fitness and overall health.

Final thoughts…

If you are new to creatine supplementation, then trial it to begin with at a low dose such as 3-5g per day, see how the body responds (a very small number of people find a slight laxative effect) and possibly maintain a 5g dose per day for a few months.


If you are still trying to get your head around whether creatine is for you or not, check in for tomorrow’s Daily MANtra for another look into what creatine is, how to apply it and what type is best to go with.

See you tomorrow!

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