I know I know, there are so many ‘rules’ when it comes to getting protein into your system, but THIS one is one to ACTUALLY listen to guys.

We now know that this magic ‘anabolic window’ i.e. the time within 30mins of your exercise bout, is more ‘Broscience’ than actual science. Don’t get me wrong, it does serve as a good reminder to people to remember to take their protein, and the short time frame does create a bit of urgency to get it in you…but with this urgency can come anxiety if you miss this 30-min window or worse still run out of protein completely, dah dah dah!!!!!

Look, we now know that the ‘anabolic window’ so to speak is actually 24hrs long, therefore so long as you replenish your system with some readily available and quality amino acids (building blocks of muscle) via your protein within this time frame, then you should recover and grow just fine.

So, what is the new 30 in 30 rule?

Well first off, it’s nothing new, experts have long recommended breaking that overnight fast when sleeping (6-8 hours on average) with a good source of protein. However, we either forget or are too lazy, or simply don’t know to do this. Whatever the reason, it makes sense to do it…and of course to give it a name, or in this case its own sentence, so that we remember it in future.

30 in 30 then is your reminder to have 30g of protein within 30mins of waking.

30g of protein is considered the optimal amount to trigger adequate muscle protein synthesis, and any more than 30g has limited ‘additional’ benefit to total muscle protein synthesis (growth).

Frankly, the 30mins is bolted onto the end to 1.) make the sentence more memorable (which it does), 2.) to create that urgency to replenish the body post overnight fast, a time when we really are low in amino acids, glycogen and the stores our body needs for optimal performance.

We wake in a catabolic state (breaking down) so it is good practice to nip that breakdown in the bud at the soonest possible time, particularly if you are wanting to preserve lean muscle mass and recover optimally from the previous days exercise bout.

So remember, 30 in 30, I originally heard this, or a variation of this, from Tim Ferris, a New York Times best-selling author and much more. I don’t take the credit for it, but I do advocate doing it guys. A good habit to get into for sure.

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