The world of Nutrition Supplements can be a bit of minefield.

The range is MASSIVE and can leave you feeling a little lost when deciding which supplements are best for you.

There is at least one supplement that I consider a must have for ANYBODY following a training regime of some sort, and that is PROTEIN.

There will remain a plethora of considerations, but you will still face 3 main options when making a decision, that is once you decide whether you want an animal derived protein e.g. dairy, meat or eggs, or a plant derived protein e.g. pea, soy, hemp, brown rice.

With any of the above you will still be faced with the following 3 options:

1.) Protein Concentrate
2.) Protein Isolate
3.) Protein Hydrolysate

In a nut shell, protein concentrate undergoes less filtration and processing than isolate, and isolate less than hydrolysate.

The result of this additional processing is a purer form of protein. So that’s a good thing, unlike the processing that goes on in normal ‘food and drink’ manufacturing.

When choosing your protein supplement, you will see products such as Whey Protein, Whey Protein Isolate or Hydrolysate, Pea Protein Isolate and many more!

What to choose?

Some of the proteins don’t even tell you what they are on the front label, so you have to scan the Ingredients list to get an idea. Thankfully this is easy enough to do (I’ll show you what to look for in a bit).

More decisions…

This isn’t the only decision you’ll have to make either. In addition to this you will also have to decide between dairy derived protein such as whey or casein protein, or Pea, Soy, Hemp, Egg or even Beef protein to name just a few.

There are several factors that might influence your decision here, vegetarians and vegans won’t want to consume beef, egg or dairy protein, nor will someone with a lactose sensitivity (dairy) or a specific religious belief. This leaves you with plant derived, or religion specific proteins (Halal, Kosher etc) proteins to choose from, all of which are fine but may lack in some essential amino acids, so important to get a high quality one and offset this through the diet.

Where possible, it may pay you to play safe with this, whey protein (from milk) is generally regarded as the most complete source of protein due to its full amino acid profile and high bioavailability (easily absorbed from gut into blood/muscles).

This said, whey protein is generally more expensive than plant based protein, it comes with some ethical and environmental conflicts, and some of the lower quality/percentage protein options, come with more lactose than ideal which could impact on digestive health to name the most common issue.

So which protein is best for you? THAT is the key question, YOU are unique and therefore there is no one set answer here. I want to limit the ‘trial and error’ process for you so that you can learn at my expense and not your own.

However I can’t choose the right protein for you, you have to do that based on what you know about yourself.

Tomorrow’s Daily MANtra will dig into the detail of whey protein, and if indeed it is right for you, or there are others that might suit YOU better.

See you then.

P.s. If you need help factoring a quality protein supplement into a HEALTHY, BALANCED diet, then don’t forget my MANtra Diet Reset programme that is helping men like YOU right now!

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