Why? Because oil isn’t designed to be exposed to extreme heat such as frying!

Oil is best left as it is, particularly the healthy stuff i.e. the monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and ‘some’ saturated fats e.g. coconut oil.

Make no bones about it, we need these oils in our diet, they help to balance inflammation, improve cognitive structure and function (brain health, wellbeing and speed of thought/memory) and may support joint and connective tissue integrity.

Eat Fat Raw…

Yes, we know that some fats/oils can oxidise when heated at high temperature, and that these can become very problematic to heart health, some cancers and other long term conditions if over consumed.

We also know that Olive oils heated at high temperature may not be harmful when heated once…but we tend to fry over and over again with the same oil and THAT is when the problems arise!

However, despite the avoidance of ‘health problems’ being a primary focus, we also want to maximise the nourishment and health properties we get FROM the oil, and the way you do that is to…

Eat it raw!

Drizzle extra virgin olive oils/avocado oils or rapeseed oils onto salads, stir coconut oil through cooked oats (the temperature is fine and won’t damage the oil). This way you keep the omega-3’s in-tact, you maintain the integrity of the lauric acid in the coconut oil responsible for improving cholesterol levels (Increasing HDL to LDL ratio).

Fry with water…

If you absolutely have to pan fry something such as a steak or chicken, leave the fat out until AFTER cooking and splash a bit of water into the pan just to lubricate it slightly. Don’t waste that nutrient dense olive oil or coconut oil by heating it to high temperatures.

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