A scarcity of options in any walk of life makes decision making that much harder, we are drawn to convenience be it food shopping, eating out, chores, you name it.

We are certainly willing to pay a much higher price for convenience, including financial and health wise!

We pop to a restaurant because we don’t fancy cooking, or we pay to have the car valeted because it’s cold outside, all fair enough, right?

The problem is that convenience also comes in the form of processed, ready-made snacks whereby they are easier to prepare, cook and clean (usually thrown in the recycling). Heck, sometimes it’s more convenient just to skip meals entirely…

Until that is, we begin to pay the price with our HEALTH and BODY COMPOSITION. Then we start to take notice, and by then it can be too little too late. Or is it!?

I challenge you to give convenience the cold shoulder when it comes to food!

By all means have your car cleaned by a pro or even visit a local restaurant for a treat once or twice a month (just choose wisely).

So when it comes to ‘spending’, aim to ‘spend a bit of time on something that will actually buy you more time in the long run…healthy food and snack prep. Start investing in YOU, and NOT the convenience food businessmen and women of this convenience obsessed world!

I don’t know about you, but spending my time in and out of hospital, having to collect a prescription and pop multiple pills a day, having to rest every 10 yards of walking due to sore knees, lack of energy and breathlessness. Having to sacrifice 5 years of time (at least) with my loved ones because I haven’t looked after myself properly…

From where I’m standing, THAT is decidedly inconvenient if you ask me.

My MANtra Diet Reset negates any excuses when it comes to ‘planning’ and ‘options’. Inside your 28 Day programme you will find everything you need to get your diet on track for good.

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