The Nutritional Science of Supplement Selection


I don’t know about you, but even I find the plethora of nutrition supplements out there a bit of a minefield. Trying to explain the difference between the supplement categories and sub-categories to my clients is challenge enough, never mind helping them filter out the poor quality, cheaply manufactured crap out there!

Well, as it turns out, that last point is the easy part! The problem is I simply don’t have the resources to get through to everybody, consequently too many unsuspecting consumers fall fail to poor quality product which makes for a very expensive pee (poorly absorbed is excreted out in our urine).

Unscrupulous ‘business men/women’ and companies are profiting from market saturation and ignorance. For the poor-quality products out there, market saturation is a good thing, a way for their crap to be diluted out into what is a booming market.

It’s unethical and potentially dangerous, and THAT is why my MANtra Diet Reset Programme covers protein supplement selection (the most popular supplement at the moment) in some detail.

To help you demystify the rubbish out there NOW though, here are my 3 supplement recommendations for health and wellbeing and the best brands to get them from too…

In no particular order:

1.) Whey OR Pea Protein Isolate: From a quality point of view the ‘isolate’ label basically tells you it is at least 90% protein, as opposed to 70% protein and 30% unwanted excess carbs etc.

Any higher % and you pay for ‘additional benefits’ that you may not really need. Oh and the flavour is ‘Neutral’ so not to all peoples taste.

One of the best options is Bulk Powders Pure Whey Isolate 90 Or Pulsin Pea Protein

2.) Omega 3 – Norwegian Pure-3: Again, I am looking at quality here, and although various good quality omega-3’s are out there this one is probably the best. Sustainably sourced, and stored properly both at source and on transit. This is important as many products are rancid/oxidized, and as such can actually provide adverse health effects.

3.) MultiVitality Gold: An advanced A-Z multivitamin providing a complete balance of 27 micronutrients. Although Multi-vitamins aren’t integral if the diet is balanced, this is a good option to cover all bases.

Supplements are just one part of the jigsaw that is optimal nutrition…

Ready to get the rest of your diet in check?


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