Nutrient Density Is Most Important…Get THIS Right!

Nutrient density is key to EVERYBODY.


Seriously, from people needing to lose some weight, to people needing to gain weight. Athletes, bodybuilders or newborns and the elderly.

Nutritional density basically refers to how much ‘bang for your buck’ you get from the food you eat each day.

If you eat 5 mouthfuls of a processed meal such as macaroni cheese, compared to a fresh made bowl of chicken and vegetable soup…you will receive waaayyyyy more vitamins and minerals for the calories in the soup.

The only thing the processed meal wins on is calories, and empty calories at that!

So if you are striving to lose weight, make sure the food you eat delivers as much protein, carbs, healthy fat and fibre as possible, ensure the vitamins and minerals are present so that the calorie reduction doesn’t make it impossible to meet you nutritional needs.

If you are trying to gain weight, don’t aimlessly go on a calorie binge of chocolate, cake, fruit juices, mass gainer shakes because they are full of calories.

The weight you gain will be mainly fat and water, and the low nutritional density (protein, carbs, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals) will mean the muscles are deprived of the tools it needs for recovery, repair and therefore growth and healthy weight gain.

Same for the elderly or those with smaller appetites, you need to maximise the nutrition you get from a small intake, so smoothies and homemade soups make it easy to get maximum nourishment.

You get the picture.

Yes I know I know, ‘Tom that’s just healthy eating mate’, but like many things in nutrition, it’s taken for granted way too often.

This is a genuine, gentle reminder.

If you are looking to reduce calories then do so sensitively. Lower calories make it harder to get 100% of your nutrient requirements in (RDA).

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