Following on from the Mr Men theme a few days ago…Mr Lazy is in the spotlight today.

A wise man once told me the key to his efficiency was that he was LAZY, he wanted to do the minimum amount of work possible, for the greatest return.

I personally think it was because he was tight, for example, he also LOVED his systems, he even had an acronym for it…

S.Y.S.T.E.M – Save Your Self Time Energy and Money

But HERE is where ‘being tight’ is important, and pretty damn useful when it comes to sticking to a Nutrition programme such as my MANtra Diet Reset!

My 5 Tips

1.) Batch Prep – Basically if you’re going to make it once, then save yourself time by making enough to last you a few days. Making a chicken salad wrap? Then instead of pan frying 1 breast, foil wrap 4, season and whack in the oven so that you have an evening meal and another lunch ready to go.

2.) Get a slow cooker – This is about as LAZY as it gets, and the one off purchase (if you don’t already have one) will save you time, energy and money in the immediate future! The chicken breasts mentioned above could also be thrown into the slow cooker with some stock and veg, cooked slowly over the day whilst at work and hey presto. DONE.

The same goes for vegetarian and vegan options, beans, peas, pulses thrown into the pot with some stock and/or chopped tomatoes, cook over a few hours on medium heat whilst you’re chilling or doing something productive. Easy.

3.) Have a plan – A lot of time and brain power is spent deliberating ‘what should we have for dinner’. Cognitive clutter is a challenge in itself, so take out the thought process by having someone sort you a plan or ‘roadmap’ of what you should have and when. Sooooo many arguments would be averted too…couples arguing over meal selection will be a thing of the past. You’re welcome.

4.) Cook/Freeze – One of my roles as a Clinical Dietitian was to help devise the Hospital Menu’s (I know I know, sorry). Part of this was to discuss logistics of meal delivery from kitchen to wards, so we used ‘ovens on wheels’ which took the food from a frozen state, slowly thawed it, and proceeded to cook it en route to the ward. Genius.

So why don’t you do the same? OK maybe an oven on wheels is a step too far, but why not cook a batch of stew, soup etc and bag it up (4-5 portions), stuff it in the freezer, take a bag out in the morning, go to work, come home to defrosted stew. Microwave for 5-8mins and job done. LAZY!

5.) Microwaveable Rice – I don’t like package wastage; however we are told to avoid reheating rice so batch prepping isn’t ideal here. As a go to ‘emergency’ meal a sachet/bag/pack combined with say a tin of tuna and some microwaveable rice can really get you out of an expensive and unhealthy Takeaway lunch. Quick, easy and down-right lazy, just try not to rely on this too often, especially tuna, the high mercury levels of these surface feeding fish can quickly lead to toxicity if over consumed. 1-2 tins a week max should be fine.

Oh one last point…

That lazy ‘wise man’ happens to be MANtra co-founder Rick, a lazy so and so through and through 😉 but my goodness does he get a lot done!

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