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MANtra ™ Reset is

  • UK’s First MEN ONLY Online Nutrition & Diet Reset

  • Educational, insightful and motivational daily emails

  • The Nutrition structure and routine you have been waiting for

  • Comprehensive, beginning to end dietary realignment

  • Empowering Content to enable informed dietary choices

MANtra ™ Reset isn’t

  • It isn’t a Fad Diet

  • It isn’t Magic (or is it?)

  • It isn’t a ‘get slim quick’ programme (although weight loss can be rapid)

  • It’s not a juice diet (don’t get me started on those things)

  • It’s also not a soup diet (I mean...why would you do that?)

MANtra Diet Reset is a few other things too…

  • Normalised eating for MEN who have lost their way

  • Health promoting – there is no ‘hyper-calorie restriction’

  • Monitored – Overseen by Tom, Qualified Dietitian & Performance Nutritionist

  • Empowering – Getting control over your diet improves confidence

  • Balanced – We DO NOT exclude any food groups (except the s*** stuff of course)

  • Educational – Content is constantly updated and delivered in layman’s terms

“Tom has been a huge help to me taking my nutrition strategy to the next level. I didn’t realise how much I could eat and STILL lose body fat! Cheers Tom and thanks again, you have been a huge help my friend”.

Alex Tatum

“Tom is unnecessarily knowledgeable in all things nutrition, he has truly taken me from a place of confusion to clarity and done it in a clear, understandable and enjoyable way. I’ve been fitter than I have been in a long time, and dropped over 1 ½ stone in weight. Genuinely thank you”.

Ben Rooney


Landing on the MANtra page is a real statement of intent. You wouldn’t have clicked if you weren’t ready to make a positive change to your diet and life.

WELCOME… you have found the UK’s FIRST and ONLY man specific nutrition programme.

YES you read that right, MANtra is the only official man specific programme that takes us blokes through the DIET RESET journey…from beginning to end.

Who is MANtra Diet Reset for?

  • Men wanting to optimize diet…Lose weight, gain weight, maintenance
  • Chaps who want to look and feel better, physically and mentally
  • Men with low energy, mood, concentration and high brain fog
  • Men wanting to lose weight
  • Men who need a clearly defined roadmap and accountability
  • Anyone struggling with the stubborn layer of bodyfat
  • Anyone diagnosed with a condition and need a starting point to build from
  • Men suffering with binge eating, especially Carb cravings and ‘HANger’
  • Anybody that needs a ‘cleanse’ of the system, especially after Christmas!
  • Men wanting to MAXIMISE performance in work, play, whatever…
Who MANtra ™ is for

Take Action TODAY!

£29.95 RRP £99.95

Hey I'm Tom...

Firstly, I am the Father of a happy, smiley, sweet natured little girl called Isla, as well as a partner in crime to Louise, Isla’s Mummy. Now in my mind I could leave it there, as this is by far my greatest achievement... but that isn’t what brought you here!

Brownie points scored...and so onto reasons why you might want to work with me in the pursuit of optimal (or even just improved) NUTRITION.

I am a Qualified Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist to people from all walks of life.

I am proud to say I have seen significant success in facilitating and supporting behaviour change around the challenging area of diet, weight loss, health and performance over the last 10 years.

I was able to do this after 8 straight years of study to become a Qualified Dietitian, Performance Nutritionist and Nutrition Consultant to patients in the NHS clinical setting, but also International Athletes and other high performers in their respective fields, and of course...men like YOU.

I hope my vast experience and success in working with elite athletes substantiates my credibility as a practitioner. Take it from me that these guys really do demand the best, if you know any or indeed ARE an athlete, then you know exactly what I mean!

I have programmed for businessmen/women and entrepreneurs working long hours and on a food/drink expenses allowance...not a good combination for nutrition, health and wellbeing if poorly managed.

I came to specialize in Nutrition through personal interest rather than necessity, and in my mind this is a good thing as it demonstrates my inherent desire to help people.

My Mother was a Nurse for 40+ years, my Father a College Lecturer, and my partner a Palliative Care Nurse…all of which entails the support and guidance of people in the pursuit of optimal Quality of Life (QOL) in their respective circumstance.

A Life Long Mission...

I have devoted my adult life to Nutrition, studying the science and emotion attached to it for 15+ years.

This saw me complete two degrees, the first in Sports Science and the second in Dietetics from one of the most highly respected Dietetics Universities in the UK.

As Performance Nutritionist to Ipswich Town Football Club, my roles include the day to day diet management for the First Team and Academy. I regularly discuss pre, intra and post-match nutrition as well as upholding and updating the club's Nutrition philosophy surrounding optimal health, recovery and becoming 'anti-fragile' as we like to call it (basically become less easy to break).

In addition to these roles, I also consult World Champion MMA Fighters, 7x British Motorsport Champions and British and European Bodybuilding Champions to name but a few.

This All Boils Down To 1 thing... MANtra Was Born!

It was clear (and logical) that I could resonate more with MEN (I am one after all).

Straight off the bat the MANtra ethos narrowed my audience, enabling me to double down my efforts, tailor content and info, as well as reach a like-minded audience in a targeted and meaningful way.

NOW, finally I have COMMITTED to taking all of this knowledge and experience and pouring it into MANtra, my 28 Day Diet Reset.

MANtra Diet Reset is the prelim to my Premium MANtra offering due for launch in the first quarter of 2018!

In order to qualify for the Premium MANtra Programme you have to have completed The MANtra Diet Reset first…this is to prime you, because there’s no point in polishing your car until you’ve washed it, right?

My Existing & Previous Clients...

The ongoing partnership with clients from 1 year ago, right up to 10+ years back is one of my key USP's.

LOYALTY speaks volumes.

Having worked with me for nutrition support, education, guidance and motivation…they have decided to stick with me. Why? Check out some testimonials below shortly.

That is the biggest compliment any one can pay a practitioner. It humbles me and reinforces why I do this.

Scott Nicholls

Tom has been a great help to me in understanding how to fuel my body optimally whilst keeping my weight low for race day

Scott Nicholls, 7x British Speedway Champion
El Noval

Thanks to Tom I have learned so much about the right things to eat to maintain strength, energy and mood whilst reducing calories

El Noval, British Champion Fitness Model and Flex Magazine centre fold
James Bourne

My body stats had a boost in the right direction. Started at 15% Body Fat, finished at 11%, started at 89kg finished at 86.5 and all whilst increasing muscle from 71.5kg to 73.2kg. Thanks Tom, really helpful advice!

James Bourne, Engineering Business Director

The Tom Irving Nutrition Story So Far...

My Tom Irving Nutrition Premium Nutrition Programme enabled me to positively influence more than 200 men and women between 2016-2017 on their journey to optimal health, fitness and wellbeing.

Although my results were not gender exclusive as they are now, my day-to-day work saw me work with predominantly MEN.

This enabled me to refine my approach to suit OUR specific needs, I say 'our' because it undoubtedly improved my own diet too!

And So...

My MANtra MISSION is to help more men achieve what they'd begun to believe was a lost cause...

Until NOW!

Take Action TODAY!

£29.95 RRP £99.95

Our Promise To You…

You WILL see results if you apply the tried and tested principles in MANtra Diet Reset.

MEN before you have changed their lives by simply cutting out the crap…from here you will
build a balanced, structured nutrition philosophy that will change the way you eat for good.