The MANtra Diet Reset is Tom Irving Nutrition’s answer to MAN specific Nutrition and Optimal health.

MANtra sifts out the grit to leave you with the nutrition gold, the precious stuff that REALLY matters when it comes to us blokes. None of the fluff and niceties that embellish the real work that needs to be done.

We aren’t here to mess around guys, so if you’re after a ‘yes man’ who will take your money and tell you what you want to hear then thanks for stopping by…BUT if on the other hand you are ready and willing to ask the hard questions and answer them honestly, then welcome aboard, you’re in for one helluva journey.

Here at MANtra we have science at the root (Tom’s multiple Nutrition, Dietetic and health related degrees) and current evidence at the core, packaged in a useable and understandable way!

An evidence based approach to rebuilding your dietary habits in just 28 days designed just for us blokes, a unique bunch with specific considerations that all too often are overlooked.

The MANtra Diet Reset is the perfect introductory programme to our Premium MANtra Programme which digs deep into the complexities of us blokes, the shit we have to deal with and the actions YOU can take to overcome them through targeted, personalised nutrition. 

With MANtra, believe me when I say, resetting your nutrition and starting from scratch…really can change your life!

You just have to know WHY (those intrinsic and extrinsic motivators), and then WHERE you need to go to take ACTION.


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