Why do I do it?

Well, I downplay the numbers on my body stat scales because 1.) BIA or Body fat scales have their limitations and inconsistencies, and 2.) how the client feels, recovers and looks is a more meaningful indicator of success.

All this is true, and I stick to it unwaveringly, well at least I try to until someone absolutely nails their goals after 4 weeks. If this happens THEN I like to shout about it a little to 1.) stop them from resting on their laurels, and 2.) to positively reinforce a favourable shift in body composition, health and confidence!

I had a successful and satisfying morning in my clinic room today when I saw a PhD student client who was letting his eating and drinking fall to the wayside whilst channelling all his energy into studies at the expense of his health, wellbeing and body composition. Well, after 4 weeks of working together he had seen relative weight maintenance…and THAT is amazing! It’s amazing because this weight maintenance was due to the relative gain in muscle and reduction in fat (visceral and subcutaneous). Total body recompositioning.

Losing 4% body fat and gaining 2kg of lean mass in this time is the holy grail for many, so it was important to explain to Aziz why this has happened. Cutting the crap, and maximising NUTRITIONAL DENSITY, that’s the general cause.

If we remove the junk food from the diet (which he did), the emphasis is then around what we replace it with. We can all remove the refined sugary and processed fatty foods for a period of time and see results, but results are short lived without adequate nutrient delivery. Nutritional inadequacies are one of the fastest ways to see rebound weight gain.

Onto the next

I then had the pleasure of reviewing a chap who has notoriously struggled to see weight loss through occupation, inactivity and lack of discipline (to use a general term).

What followed when he stepped on the scales shocked us both, he had FINALLY broken the back of it, that ‘set point’ for his weight had finally been beaten into submission. He had lost 1kg total body weight translating as 3% reduction in body fat and a 1kg increase in muscle mass.

Total body recompositioning, finally, after weeks and weeks of chipping away. The good news is that this shift in weight will probably stay for good now because he persisted, his metabolic set point is lower i.e. his body is used to fewer, but crucially, better quality calories!

And before anyone asks, the scales were fine, I calibrated them beforehand and all was as should be.

Well done gents. I’ll take those numbers…now to support them in maintaining and better still, furthering the losses.

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