OK I shall keep this one brief, because it’s actually quite straightforward guys. Being overweight is generally considered to be bad for you in varying degrees dependant on weight. BMI has its flaws, but as a rule, if you carry excess body fat and your BMI puts you in the overweight or obese category – then the excess weight you carry is probably doing more harm to your health than good!

Here’s what we know- Inflammation is key to life, we need varying degrees of inflammation to survive. However, persistent systemic (all-body) inflammation is NOT particularly good for us, in fact, it’s pretty darn bad for our health… there, I said it!

We know that sustained inflammation is bad and that if you carry large amounts of excess body fat, particularly if categorised as Obese, then the excessive adipose (fat tissue) increases systemic inflammation.

A study presented in the journal Nature Immunology in 2014 demonstrates how adipose tissue acts as an endocrine organ releasing several adipocytokines.
These adipocytokines are associated with increased levels of tissue and circulating inflammatory biomolecules responsible for inflammation in your blood vessels and atherogenesis (arterial plaques).

Another scientific study, this time published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, quite clearly stated ‘a reduction in weight may lead to a decrease in inflammation’.

Inflammation is everywhere

Yes, we live in an inflammatory world, pollutants and high stress levels mean we are bombarded by internal inflammation on a daily basis. Even the simple and necessary act of eating food is inflammatory, we know and accept that fasting is actually anti-inflammatory and can be a useful way to reduce inflammation if done correctly.

The point here is this, we are exposed to a multitude of inflammatory factors, being overweight and especially obese, is one of the main causes of internal inflammation (the fat cells literally secrete inflammatory biomolecules for goodness sake).

PC aside, if you are overweight then you are increasing your risk of inflammation and chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and so on. Losing weight will reduce risk, but it’s on you to make this happen.

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