If you caught yesterday’s Daily MANtra then you will have noted that I planned on addressing one of the main causes of Runner’s Colitis aka the Runner’s Runs.

As you can no doubt deduce from the title then, fluid and hydration are key to this.

Here’s what you need to know…

Rehydration During Exercise

– You MUST try to sip every 10-15mins during intense or long duration exercise

– Try not to lose more than 2% body mass through fluid

Weighing is a good way of monitoring hydration…

Here’ s how:

1.) Weigh yourself before exercise

2.) Go SMASH the session

3.) Weigh yourself immediately after exercise

4.) Take your weight after exercise and divide it by weight before session


If weight after exercise = 89kg

And weight before exercise = 90kg

We need to take 89 and divide it by 90 = 99%

This means you lost 1% bodyweight as a result of the session.

So to replenish it, consume 150% of your fluid losses after exercise.


1KG weight loss after exercise = approx. 1 Litre fluid loss.

Therefore consume 1.5L (150% of the 1L fluid loss) within 1-2 hours after exercise… Simple (ish).

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