A few friends of mine on social media struck up a great conversation on the mystery that is ‘moderation’, specifically the premise that goes ‘eat all things in moderation’.

Well I contest this, mainly from a systemic inflammation, mood and wellbeing point of view really…not that that’s of any real importance now is it (excuse the sarcasm).

The problem is you get many schools of thought on this ‘moderation’ principle, when it comes to eating and drinking people will dig and dig for any justification for their sub-optimal diet. On the other hand, you have informed individuals who legitimately apply this principle to allow themselves a ‘no-diet day’ or an ‘earned reward meal’ such as some ice-cream after a main meal one evening or a take-away once a month etc.

So my grievance with this phrase ‘everything in moderation’ is that there is too much subjectivity there, as my pal on social media so eloquently put it, one man’s ‘moderation’ is another mans ‘sugar addiction’…and he is bang on the money there!

My opinion…

Contrary to my original statement, I do actually agree with having SOME things in moderation. I think we should eat as many vegetables as our digestive tract (and our partners nose) can tolerate, don’t limit veg guys, but yes fruit should be moderated to 2-3 servings a day and so too should red meat e.g. 1-2 servings max a week. However, consuming trans fats and refined, processed sugar in ‘moderation’ is where a line needs to be drawn.

If health and wellbeing is high on your list of priorities (and it probably should be) then the addition of this crap in any quantity really is setting you up for a fall, not least for the secondary, delayed onset cravings that follow even a mouthful of cola!

Am I saying we will keel over on a mouthful of cola, of course I’m not, but the habits that COULD spiral from this may well contribute to long term issues.

The key is understand YOU, growing to be in touch with your body and how it responds to the food you eat and drink. If you can manage it and keep your idea of ‘moderation’ to 1 earned reward meal a week and not a no holds barred binge for a day/weekend then by all means, go for the moderation philosophy.

If however you find yourself using the ‘moderation’ label to cover a multitude of sins, then for the sake of health, wellbeing and quality of life… leave it be guys.

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