Protein. Get this right and it’s fair to say you will reduce risk. Note I’m not saying avoid risk entirely, it’s obviously not that simple (if only).

However, this is one factor you should really try to cover if you can.

From an exercise point of view…

We exercise, we break down muscle tissue, we rest and replenish, we repair muscle tissue and we grow…in time of course.

Provided we deliver our bodies with the tools and building blocks to make this happen, our risk of musculoskeletal injury goes down.

Inadequate protein

Many people, in their pursuit of weight loss, tone and definition will drastically cut calories. Understandable but certainly not advisable.

What else do we do when we are trying to lose weight?

Yup, we exercise more!

Combine reduced calories and increased exercise and you get perfect storm for injury if not managed correctly.

Calorie reduction must be accompanied by an increase in total protein intake if exercise is to increase also, otherwise you run the risk over overtraining, as well as chronic Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) whereby you feel sore, achy and less flexible (also quite high risk for injury).

If you are reducing calories and upping exercise, the trick here is adjust your macronutrient ratio’s a little i.e. up the protein in relation to carbs and fat.

I would suggest going for a 35:35:30 Protein, carbs and fat respectively to begin with. So for a 95kg chap reducing calories to 2000kcal per day to place him in an approx 800kcal deficit from maintenance, he would need to hit approx. 175g protein, 175g carbs and 65-70g fat per day.

Trust me, 175g of protein is only 1.8g protein per kg bodyweight for this 95kg chap (175 / 95 = 1.8)…and 175g protein isn’t all that easy to hit.

But if you want to reduce your risk of injury from a dietary point of view at least (and there are several variables to consider)…protein intake is definitely a good place to start!

By the way, if you need support and guidance on how best to hit your protein requirements for YOUR needs, then check out my MANtra Diet Reset.

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