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My name’s Tom, that’s me in the pic with my lady and our daughter on her first Birthday.

Those two keep me in check when I work too much, get too little sleep and neglect the things that are most important…my health.

What is wealth without health, right?

You know the saying …

‘Behind every good man is a women rolling her eyes’

I mean…

It’s certainly not because I don’t know what I am doing, or that I don’t care…I just sometimes lose focus. We ALL do!

THAT is exactly what my Daily MANtra is all about. Gaining or maintaining focus, learning, adapting and making meaningful change through guidance and regular touch points.

Let go of the excuses!

Us blokes have all the right intentions, but ‘things come up’ or we ‘just have to do this thing’ or you know the one… ‘It’s OK, I’ll do it tomorrow’.

Here to Help…

My emails were solely aimed at helping you, adding value with no hidden agenda!

They don’t pretend to be something they aren’t and hoodwink you into buying stuff.

It’s genuinely here to serve, educate and motivate in a welcoming, engaging drip feed manner that you can ACTUALLY understand and use.

I’m a REAL person and not a robot or an ‘executive assistant’ of the person supposed to be reaching out to you.

I am credible, I’m a qualified, leading Nutrition expert working with International Athletes, sport stars as well as (of course) people like you and I.

I’ve worked in the NHS as a Dietitian (the gold standard in Nutrition professionals) and want nothing more than to improve public health and policy…basically improve the health of the community that we, our family, children and friends live in!

OK, I Will Proudly Admit…

The content you receive will probably have the odd typo in it from time to time, it won’t always look pretty and nor will it ‘change your life’ in under 30 words…

And there’s a damn good reason for that.

These emails are real. I write it from the heart and head, I may write them on the day and send without proof reading because sometimes, just being in touch is what matters!

But Don’t Worry…

It WILL be fresh and new content every day, EVIDENCE BASED info and it will REMAIN relevant to what really interests you and to what you signed up for. No hidden agendas!

The MANtra Promise

Every day you will receive a little bit of value that you can use and apply to YOUR life in the pursuit of YOUR goals and desired outcomes.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

My aim is for my Daily MANtra emails to gradually and progressively nudge you into taking steps towards becoming the fit, healthy and happy individual you need and deserve to be…all for zero commitment to anything!

What is there to lose?

You Will Receive…

  1. My answer to one of the key problems in poor nutrition practice…PORTIONS!
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None of these 50,000 word manuscripts you have zero chance of reading and digesting… never mind actually applying to your daily life (THIS is the longest email you will every receive from me).

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