About MANtra

Hi, I’m Tom Irving and the goal of my MANtra ™ programs is to deliver all of the tools necessary to bring about lasting change to your eating and drinking, whatever the end goal might be for YOU. Not only this, the MANtra programme supports you with the implementation and guides you through the process From Beginning to End.

That’s the MANtra, well… mantra. Supporting MEN at the beginning of their healthy eating and weight loss journey right through to the end (whenever you decide that is).

In a Nut Shell…

Our MANtra model is ‘fun educational’ and group based whilst remaining personal throughout. Providing a stimulating and engaging nutrition education so that you can make informed nutrition decisions that best suit you and your unique goals.

We use a variety of methods including our tried and tested, one time purchase ‘roadmap’ for resetting your diet and realigning eating and drinking for health and weight loss i.e. MANtra Diet Reset

We also have the Premium MANtra offering due for launch in the first quarter of 2018 which will provide an all-encompassing course that uses scheduled content delivery, or ‘drip fed’ content, that changes the way people ‘diet’ for good!

From Beginning to End…

Beginning i.e. Mindset and decision making, contemplation and action.

Middle i.e. the nitty gritty surrounding dietary intervention for us blokes, the what to have, when to have it and how much to have conundrum.

To End i.e. the maintenance side of things…keeping those wheels in motion once they’ve started!

So How do we keep you on track?

Well as the late great Jim Rohn said… “Reasons come before answers”.

This is exactly why your MANtra Programme supports you in identifying your ‘Why’, dissecting it into its individual components so that you can set specific goals that identify a cause, provide direction and create urgency to make s*** happen.

The MANtra process will tap into the ‘pains’ that brought you to us in the first place, the drivers or reasons that compelled you to take action. It harnesses them to keep you motivated and on your own unique health, weight loss or optimal performance path.


MANtra uses the power of accountability and social answerability to great effect, be it to a person/people or ‘thing’. You become part of a community, a like-minded tribe of people that want the same as you…better QOL.

Quality of Life (QOL), the one thing that truly matters to us ALL in all stages of life.

Tell Me…

Is QOL at its best when we lose self-integrity ‘failing’ yet another ‘diet’ or for carrying the guilt of smashing another whole packet of biscuits when one would have sufficed?

Is QOL where you need it to be if exercise or even walking is painful because your weight impacts on your joints? So that you can’t have a kick around with pals? Is QOL where it should be if we are living out of fast food outlets or reactive eating?

Is QOL acceptable to you if we have low self-esteem? Poor health? Low confidence or lack of direction? What if we have to pop 15 pills a day just to keep cholesterol, blood sugar levels and hormones within normalised and healthy ranges?

Nutrition plays a big part when it comes to QOL, more than most care to realise!

Optimal Nutrition can change how you look, feel and perform, which inherently and unavoidably shapes how you.

That all important self- identity we come to settle upon. Trust me, if you identify as a fat bloke, you’ll be/become a fat bloke, if you identify as a lazy man, you’ll be a lazy man. Similarly if you see yourself as a clean eater then guess what, you sir will eat clean.

QUESTION – Did you buy cigarettes today?

No? Why on earth not?

ANSWER – Simple, because you don’t identify as a smoker…hence you DO NOT buy cigarettes. Smokers buy cigarettes.

This translates to nutrition, fitness and health too. MANtra helps you to STOP identifying as the guy who eats what he wants, however much he wants, whenever the hell he wants.

You. Are. Better. Than. That.

Understanding is key to applying

Which is why we have brought to you 2 programmes that take you through each element of what YOU need…step by step.

1.) Diet all over the place? Lost sight of what is right? Diet Reset is for you… 28 Days to get you realigned. DONE.
2.) Want an in depth, long term programme that inspects and detects real and perceived barriers to the individual? That factors the day to day challenges that face us blokes and dietary decision making? Premium MANtra is for you… 12 weeks (minimum), 10 modules of strategically scheduled, drip fed nutrition info specific to YOU with regular video and/or email check-ins with Tom. DONE.

We’ve got you covered.

You have to take the stairs…

There is no elevator along the way to improved and optimal fitness and health, you HAVE to take the stairs!

Fad diets are elevators, they take you to your destination quickly but take out all of the hard work in between, the stuff that earned the end result. You are where you want to be but remain unfulfilled and so you relapse and have to go through the process again!

The stairs are the hard route, but here at MANtra we believe you won’t mind climbing the steps to a fitter, healthier, better you if you are aware of where you are now, where you are going to be, how many steps there are to ascend and how to go about actually climbing them.

With MANtra we take you through all of the steps, you won’t skip any along the way, and here’s why… If you went straight to someone you had your eye on in a bar and asked them to marry you, you’d probably get a resounding NO, right? Why?

You ‘moved too fast’ and missed out too many steps.

If on the absolute off chance this person had a rush of blood and said yes, the chances of it lasting are slim to none because there were no foundations in place to begin with! You have to earn the right to make something long lasting. Solid foundations!

Take the first step now…