A bit of gut bacteria background to begin with…

More and more evidence is surfacing on the absolute importance of the bacteria living in our guts, that these microscopic organisms could in fact dictate EVERYTHING we are and become…

Time to start looking after the trillions of cells that are collectively known as our gut flora.

I say gut flora, they say gut microbiota… tomato, tomata, whateva!

Call it what you will, just know that to date, multiple studies relating to gut bacteria and health exist… and its only becoming more popular thanks to the breadth of implications these organisms seem to have on our health.

Bacteria and health

Researchers are linking gut bacteria to age related health conditions such as stroke, dementia and cardiovascular disease. Bacteria implantation from an obese person into an individual with a ‘Healthy BMI’ causing obesity, right through to our bacterial ecosystem effectively being our second genome! Wow.

The evidence is growing and its compelling stuff.

So, we know a few things for sure, that what we eat impacts on the type and quality of bacteria in our guts. Eat high salt, refined, sugary rubbish and ‘crappy food’ loving bacteria will thrive occupying the binding sites of all the good bacteria! Not good.

We are what we eat has never been so true

If bacteria play such an important role in what we become, how we develop and overall health and wellbeing, then we need to keep them happy.

This starts with feeding them the proper food. Our bacteria appear to be capable of manipulating our brains decisions, so they know what they want…

And one of our healthy bacteria’s favourite foods, or ‘prebiotics’ is…

Acacia Fibre

A game changer from a gut health point of view, it is being dubbed ‘fertiliser’ to our gut bacteria. This is mainly thanks to its high soluble fibre content, meaning it absorbs water and can help to thicken our stools (poop).

The benefits extend to improved satiety (feeling of fullness) to blood sugar regulation.

Check in tomorrow because we are going to dig into Acacia fibres various benefits, application and how/when/how much to use.

See you for tomorrow’s Daily MANtra guys.

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