I find this exciting, taking something from the seed through to a food stuff that delivers a heck of a lot of nourishment per gram. I am particularly interested in the broccoli sprout, a key area of focus for researcher Dr Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. in biomedical science and focusses on ageing, cancer and inflammation and nutrition links to all.

Of particular interest is the broccoli sprout, for reasons I will discuss in tomorrow’s Daily MANTra… trust me, the benefits are wide ranging and profound to health and performance! Don’t miss it!

Let’s get growing…

OK, so we know that most sprouts or seedlings/Microgreens are dense in a plethora of micronutrients including Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein, Beta-carotene, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and Copper.

The different types of species offer varying amounts of certain micronutrients, some common examples include:

Brassicaceae family: Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, watercress, radish and arugula
Asteraceae family: Lettuce, endive, chicory and radicchio
Apiaceae family: Dill, carrot, fennel and celery
Amaryllidaceae family: Garlic, onion, leek
Amaranthaceae family: Amaranth, quinoa swiss chard, beet and spinach
Cucurbitaceae family: Melon, cucumber and squash

For the following directions I am going to go with the Broccoli sprout, technically not a microgreen since it hasn’t been allowed to grow long enough to have green leaf appearance…but no less nourishing!

Growing Broccoli Sprouts at home…

Step 1

Buy some non-GMO sprouting seeds. A good place is Buy Wholefoods Online (https://www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk/organic-broccoli-seeds-raw-for-sprouting-aconbury-250g.html ) Organic Broccoli Seeds Raw for Sprouting (Aconbury) are what I have used most recently.

You can also get these from many local Healthfood stores in your local town.

Step 2

Add 2 tablespoons of your broccoli seeds to a wide mouthed jar/tumbler. Honestly, I messed around on Youtube trying to find the best way to make homemade sprouting jars and in the end just paid a couple of quid and bought my own from Amazon, specifically the A Vogel Biosnacky Germinator Seed Jar with Lid (Pack of 2 Jars) for just over 10 quid. Job done!

Step 3

Cover the seeds in jar with few inches of filtered water (personal preference) and put the sprouting lid on. Place the jar in a warm, dark place overnight…I use my kitchen cupboard.

Step 4

Next morning drain the liquid off and rinse. Do this 2-3x a day and continue to store in your cupboard. Give it a couple of days and the seeds start to break and sprout. So satisfying!

Step 5

Continue with the rinsing process 2-3x a day and soon enough they will either fully sprout and look white, or in time turn green & leafy…up to you how you want them. I go with the white look generally for broccoli sprouts.

When they are ready just place them into a normal jar and store in the fridge.

I personally have had them as a garnish, but you don’t get enough of them to fully deliver the nutrition I personally want, so I am taking to adding handfuls of these to a smoothie. To maximise the bioavailability of some key nutrients discussed in future Daily MANtra’s, I add off- boiled water and let them steep for 10mins, drain and add to a blender.

Not to everyone’s taste so feel free to add berries etc to this too.

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