You hear the question over and over and over again…how much protein is best?

Well facts are that THIS is a very broad question and doesn’t consider many variables such as size, lean mass, physical activity levels, total daily calorie intake, the correct ratio of macronutrients to meet the calories…gender…age…underlying medical conditions…and way more.

You get my point.

In order to clear this matter up a little though I am going to narrow it down to ‘protein per serving’, rather than the total over a day…for now at least. We will come to the bigger picture later.

In 2009, one of the world’s leading medical journals The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found said…

“Ingestion of 20g [25g] intact protein is sufficient to maximally stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis and Albumin Protein Synthesis after resistance exercise.”

Now this is relevant because Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) is the goal that most of you reading this will want to nail. MPS is the process of maintaining or increasing muscle mass, be it for health and wellbeing or for #GAINZ after exercise…if you’re down with the kids and Broscience that is!

Seriously though, the take home message from this is that although there is nothing wrong with consuming more than 20-25g protein in a meal or indeed after the gym, the benefit to muscle growth is no apparently no greater than if you were to consume 50, 60, 70g+.

But THAT doesn’t mean that 20-25g protein is ALL that you NEED to consume.

There are other things to consider if you are an elite athlete for example, but that’s the subject matter for tomorrow.

Find out why 25 isn’t the ONLY magic number in my next Daily MANtra.

In health and integrity


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